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Adapting Fatbikes & E-bikes to standard 100mm fork mount roof racks

FATDAPTER® fatbike & e-bike fork adapter configurations


135mm Skewer

Adapts to the original Fatbike fork design made popular by Surly Pugsley


Thru-Axle Options

Bushing sets available for all standard fatbike thru axle configurations


150mm Skewer

One of the few adapters on the market for 150mm skewer fatbike forks

Comments, Questions & Reviews

I knew instantly I was buying a FATDAPTER® when I compared it to the alternate option.

We agree and this is what inspired us to offer it to the general public. When I built my first fatbike on a Friday night and woke up 4hrs later to mount it on my fork mount roof rack I quickly realized it would not fit. The FATDAPTER® was an instant vision and after reasearching the available commercial option I quickly made myself a prototype

Where can I find a Fat-Bike Fork Adapter on the other side of the World? will be our exclusive distributor in Germany providing delivery throughout the EU, Russia and Norway review of FATDAPTER

...........I have to say that the Fatapter is way more burley. The Fatdapter is made in Wisconsin..........and comes with a lifetime warranty